fuz22 (fuz22) wrote,

guess what I got for valentine's day?


Thus making me very happy that, since I now live in MA, I don't have to do a "I won't get married until everyone can get married" stand.

The plan is this fall, and probably in Maine. Other details TBD.

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Incidentally, and on a side note... where in MA are you? I've been regretting falling out of touch with so many Hampshire friends, it'd be nice to start seeing people again!
I've really got to get that Peach Cobbler recipe....
Congratulations, I'm so happy for you guys. Please pass my congrats on to the soon to be "little woman" ;)

Awesome. (and dude, what is it with people having marriage on the brain these days? y'all are the 3rd couple I know to pull this.)