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Simon Norfolk

A few weeks ago D and I went to Look3: The festival of the photograph. Among the things that struck me most was a brief (video recorded) presentation by a photographer who, first showing a picture of himself, explained that as you could see, he was a gay cosmonaut. He isn't, of course, but the picture does make him look that way. In fact, he is certainly not a cosmonaut. I have no data on the issue of his sexuality.

He then presented two series of photographs, both of which I thought were incredibly amazing - second, and less impressive to me, were his photos of mayan ruins, all taken at night, lit up with 20,000 watts of portable lighting equipment. These should be available on the national geographic magazine website soon, but aren't as of yet. They are beautiful. But before he showed those, he showed a quick series of photos he'd taken recreating famous English landscape paintings; not just the composition but the politics.

He has a web site, at http://www.simonnorfolk.com/. The interface is flash, though relatively unobtrusive for that, and excerpts of that series are available, as are others. I just read/looked at most of them, and recommend you do the same.

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