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With apologies to Harper's Index.


Number of days spent in Provence, France: 8

Number of hours from walking out my front door to walking into the front door in St Remy de Provence: 20

Number of those hours spent asleep: 0

Number of hours from arrival until I gave up on going to sleep at a normal time for a local: 3

Number of times the stewardesses gave out some kind of food or another on the 7-hour transoceanic flight: 6-8


Rough age of the Roman Amphitheater we visited: 2,000 years

Number of people it seats: 10,000

Rank, in quality, according to King Louis XIV, compared to other walls, of the back wall of the amphitheater: 1

Height of the back wall of the amphitheater, in meters: 37

Average age (roughly) of the various theaters castles and palaces we visited: 1,000 years

Sum age (roughly) of the various theaters castles and palaces we visited: 10,000 years

Number of villages and cities we spent sufficient time in to say we visited them, that I remember: 9

Number of restaurants in St. Remy: at least 30

Number of restaurants in St. Remy that served at least one vegetarian main course which was not couscous-based: 1

Number of nights we ate at this restaurant: 2

Number of desserts that I ate a share of on Friday: 7

Number of these that rank in the seven best desserts I have ever eaten: 6

Actual exchange rate used by my bank of Euro to dollars: 1:1.3597

Ratio of cost of goods and/or services, in Euro and in France, to cost of goods and/or services in dollars and in the US: 1:1

Cost, in Euro, of a 500 ml Coke in the Frankfurt airport terminal: 2.50

Rough number of postcards purchased by our group over the week: 60

Number of postcards purchased by me: 0

Rough number of digital photos taken by our group over the week: 2000

Number taken by me: 5

Number taken by me on my camera: 0

Count, in hours, of internet availability in the self-catering apartment we stayed in: 0

Number of knives in the "self-catering" apartment we stayed in: 2

Number of these which were a paring knife: 1

Number of these which were a bread knife: 1

Number of these which were suitable for chopping vegetables: 0

Number of cutting boards: 0

Rough number of gallons of water dumped in clothing during the washer/dryer's "dry" cycle: 2

Number of articles of clothing successfully dried in the washer/dryer: 0

Difference, in minutes, between the time we needed to arrive at the airport for our outgoing flight, and the time the shuttle bus from the hotel we were sleeping at started service: 90

Cost, in Euro, for 45 minutes of internet access in the hotel we were staying at: 5
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