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50 books (k not really) - fuz22 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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50 books (k not really) [Mar. 13th, 2007|12:23 am]
Two years ago I posted most of the books I read, though often only to mention. Last year I realized I'd been getting competitive for no good reason, and reading books only to inflate my count. That struck me as a stupid reason to read - there are lots of other things I enjoy doing with my time. I also ended up reading many fewer books in 2006 than 2005, and visiting the library hardly at all.

Last week I went to the library, and checked out 7 books. 1 of them I realized I had read already. 4 of them I read that day, and were a) short and b) pleasant, but hardly worth mentioning - if you want to read them you've heard of them, and otherwise why should I waste your time. One I haven't read yet, and I'll probably not post if and when I do.

I just finished Charlie Stross' book Glasshouse. This is the best book I have read in... a long time. Not only was I unable to put it down, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Go read this book. Check it out of the library if you like. Buy it if you'd prefer. But go read this book.

Brief synopsis: Robin wakes up in a post-singularity society to discover that a previous version of himself has signed up for extensive memory-redaction. And also that people are trying to kill him. Things ensue.

Why it's good: Tight plotting. The best depiction of a post-singularity society I've ever read. Deeply fascinating and wonderful gender politics.

There are other wonderful things, but I'd be spoiling bits, so I'll stop. Go read it!

[User Picture]From: plethorax
2007-03-13 05:05 pm (UTC)
That and Blindsight are at the top of my spring break list. I miss reading excellent science fiction, and there's so damn much of it lately...
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